Owner & Designer

An active mom, coach, community leader and lover of all things creative. I love to sew, up-cycle, treasure hunt in second hand stores and daydream about the next space to renovate in my home.

My imagination is my most valuable asset and I enjoy using my ‘creative spark’, as my kids call it, in everything I do. Interior Design has always been a part of my life. I enjoyed a childhood spent outside riding my bike around the neighbourhood with friends, lots of laughing and fresh air, exploring nature and an activity I didn’t even realize at the time would turn into my true passion… tree fort building. I couldn’t get enough of building little houses to play in and decorating them with anything I could get my hands on. I loved playing ‘house’ in these primitive hideaways. Inventing, recycling, creating a home to play in with my friends.

Not much has changed since I was a kid. I followed this passion for building and decorating homes to the doorstep of a local Design School, where after an intense program, I graduated with a Diploma of Interior Design. That was almost 20 years ago. Since then, I have continued to explore the design world by working in all areas of the industry, giving me valuable on-the-job experience I just couldn’t gain from being in a classroom environment.

A good designer will save you more money than you will ever pay them


Redesigning Interiors

Room Redo is an Interior Design business made up of a small team of professionals, ready to work with you to inspire and complete your renovation or staging project. Room Redo  is a Design Concept born from the idea that everyone should have a team of professionals in their contact list, including an Interior Designer. You likely already have a Doctor, Mechanic, Plumber, Landscaper, and numerous other professionals at your fingertips, but do you have a Qualified Design Team ready to go when you decide to embark on an adventure to change something about your home? A Designer is a visionary that will work hard to make your homes potential a reality. By offering thoughtful concepts, smart solutions and timeless results we can reveal your homes’ true potential. What can we Redo for you?

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a simple renovation, like say, repainting a bedroom in your home? You’ve been looking at the walls for a while now, aside from needing some light repairs, it’s time for a new look. But where do you start? Before you spend the money on hiring a professional Painter, who will happily paint the walls whichever colour you choose, have you thought about enlisting the help of a Designer to give you a plan and the confidence to move forward with your Renovation? If you are saved from one wrong paint decision and application the Designer has just paid for themselves!

Room Redo aims to make good,sensible design accessible to everyone regardless of your budget, or scope of your project. In as little as a couple hours of design time, you can gain valuable advice and confidence that will help you move your project forward and get you excited about your new look!

The Project starts with a phone call, followed by an in-home consultation or site visit. This is the RETHINK stage (see The Process page on this site). From there, a custom plan will be built around the needs of you and your home.  Have you got a space that just needs a quick look or you live out of town yet still could use some assistance? Not a problem! You can use our Online Design Service and get our expertise by uploading photos of your space and sending them our way for a complete Design Report, it’s that easy!


To make good design advice a part of each project by offering accessible services and thoughtful concepts that result in practical, timeless spaces.